Six of Crows – Review

“Men mock the gods until they need them”


I had been anticipating reading this book for some time, due to such a hype surrounding it, and I certainly was not disappointed.

This book follows six outcasts on a mission to be the first to breach the military stronghold of the Ice Court in order to save a hostage and prevent Grishas been used for evil.

I haven’t read any other books by this author, so the Grisha world was new to me. But whoa, what an interesting world, and what beautiful maps! They helped me to distinguish where the story was set, but I was often admiring the drawings that accompanied the map itself, and the beautiful style with which the Ice Court map was drawn with.

I was a little bit confused during the first two chapters, as I didn’t understand some of the terms used, but I quickly got to grips with it. Once I got into the story, it was so readable, and I really loved the characters. The different points of view allowed for a better understanding, and learning about the characters’ pasts was really interesting and helped me to better understand their actions and motives. I especially liked Nina and Inej – two strong female characters is something that I definitely like to read! I also liked that Kaz has weaknesses, as you don’t often see a protagonist with such obvious ones. They helped to shape his character, and reading about his unfortunate past helped to shape him even more.

I found the story the best when they reached the Ice Court. With constant action, tension and plot twists, this story kept me reading for hours! Although in hindsight I feel as though it should have been obvious, the plot twist and cliffhanger at the end of the novel really surprised me. (But left me excited that there would be another book to continue the story!)

A fantasy book like no other that I have read before, the unique Grisha world enthralled me and has left me longing for more.


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